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Curtain Holdbacks - Curtain Holdbacks
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Curtain Holdbacks

curtain holdbacks
Curtain hold backs are becoming more of a popular accessory in terms of styling for a room. Traditionally, these mini accents played minor roles in the overall look of a drapery system. However, as the modern and contemporary style becomes more of a driving force in today’s homes, curtain hold backs are being manufactured with more elegant and unique styles, giving them more of a visual pop in whatever room they are being used in.


Generally speaking, curtain holdbacks, or as some people refer to them, curtain tie backs, are used to hold back an open curtain. Curtain tie backs are used more so to hold a curtain back a specific way way, and will come usually attached to a drapery, offering less flexibility in how the curtain can look while open; usually allowing for an opening towards the middle or bottom. Curtain holdbacks on the other hand typically consist of a piece of hardware that can be placed on the curtain in the area in which it needs to remain open. As such, it will usually not come as an attachment to the curtain, offering much more flexibility for positioning. One of the more popular materials used for these accessories is a polished chrome or brushed nickel.

curtain hold backscurtain tie backs

Curtain Hold Backs – Styling Variations

The many variations of styles that curtain holdbacks come in, as with most curtain hardware, are virtually endless. Touching on the most basic, curtain tie backs consist of a rope that can come in a variety of designs and materials, typically consisting of a gold colored woven string with a pattern on it. Occasionally, you will find tassels on these tie backs. However, as more modern styling makes its way into the mainstream, rustic looks like tassels will begin to take the backseat to cleaner and more simple looks.

Curtain holdbacks themselves have become more demanded over tiebacks due to their modern look in general. As tiebacks generally consist of one simple look, or a close variation of that one look; hold backs have a wide range of styles and designs that give them optimum styling flexibility. These wonderful accessories can come in many different kinds of metals or woods, or a combination of both.

Over the past few years however, metals have definitely been a dominate force in the manufacturing of these pieces. This is due largely in part to the fact that metals tend to offer a more sleek and neat look over woods and plastics, thus feeding into the modern styling of many new homes. One of the most popular materials for curtain holdbacks currently is brushed nickel, due largely in part to it’s neutral base color and uniquely shiny finish.